SHADES Reality TV Fitness and Yoga TEAM! in order: Chauncey Whitehead Dana Smith Belinda Johnson Sheila Hall Charles Harris Read more...

Amia Freeman

Sacrifice Fitness Magazine is honor to introduce one of its leading writers, Amia Freeman.  As a Reebok One Ambassador, Amia Read more...

Before and After

Are you doing the Yo-Yo- Diet? Are you stuck on a number no matter what you do? There could be a very logically reason for that, a Read more...

The Fearless Living Experience

The founder and CEO of Sacrifice Fitness Magazine, Sheila Hall is a Spotlight Author in the book projet, The Fearless Living Exper Read more...

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Peeling the Onion

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21 Day Detox & Cleanse Workshop

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Believers Against Bullying

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Towanda Braxton

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Essential Waters

In the August Issue of Sacrifice Fitness, there is an article about Spa Waters. Spa Waters are a way to get a lot of you

Holy Yoga Mediatation

Deuteronomy 12:26 Meditation


SHADES Reality TV is an online web tv show that is coming in March! Make sure you register on this website so you will b



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SHADES Reality TV Fitness and Yoga TEAM!

Sacrifice Fitness Magazine is honor to i

Are you doing the Yo-Yo- Diet? Are you s

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